ECLISSE Flush Wall Door Synthesis

If you have ever wondered how to make your office or home interiors look more elegant and sophisticated, flush wall door synthesis is the best solution for you. This sleek and minimalist door design has no visible frames and is perfect for blending with the surroundings. A minimalistic style isn’t just a matter of fashion, it’s a work of art. Whether your interior design is classical or modern, this style will suit both.

ECLISSE’s Syntesis

ECLISSE’s flush wall door technology has been designed to meet specific application requirements. Its innovative features include an 18 mm door panel, melamine-coated face and flush-to-wall closing systems. The doors and window frames are shaped to avoid obtrusive design, ensuring the utmost in privacy and aesthetics. For added safety and convenience, these doors and windows can be installed flush to the wall and ceiling, depending on the size and design of the space.

ECLISSE’s flush-to-wall door synthesis offers a simple custom solution for the mounting of interior doors and exterior doors. Its easy-to-install features include spacer panels and plastic shields. ECLISSE flush-to-wall door hardware also includes all the screws required for installation. Its versatility allows you to install doors that match the interior of the room and complement the rest of the room’s decor.

CEAM’s Rimadesio

The reinterpretation of the contemporary home through the Rimadesio synthesis was a highlight of the 2015 Salone del Mobile exhibition, which featured the latest evolution in this product range. The various proposals presented were divided into day and night areas, allowing visitors to see how different walk-in closets can be arranged to create different levels of functionality. In addition, the day systems collection featured all the Rimadesio products dedicated to storage for living spaces. This new generation of products is designed with coherence and precision, ensuring a high level of customization and flexibility.

For further insight into the design and functionality of this product, visit the Rimadesio showroom in Visconti di Modrone, Milan. The showroom showcases new models and innovative designs for homes, offices, and public spaces. The Rimadesio collection has become one of the hottest Milan Design Week locations. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, the Rimadesio line is an exemplar of innovative design and enviromental awareness.

ECLISSE’s Coplanar

The ECLISSE Syntesis(r) Line Battente is a flush to wall hinged door frame. The patented design integrates the door panel into the frame without any visible jambs. The door is offered in a single or double door configuration. The ECLISSE Syntesis(r) Collection includes flush hinged door frames, sliding pocket door systems and no-external finishes.

ECLISSE’s Rimadesio

ECLISSE’s Rimadeso for flush wall door synthesis enables the installation of a flush wall door in any room. This innovative system features an inclined upper edge that is ideal for installations in sloping ceilings, attics, and under-stair access. It comes with a plastic cover for protection against dirt and dust and spacer panels for exact squaring.

The Rimadesio collection offers the ultimate in integration between furniture, walls, and interior architecture. It offers a total height solution, concealed shutter, and push-in or pull-out installation. The ECLISSE Syntesis(r) Collection provides a complete modular system with innovative integrated technologies. It guarantees the perfect result both in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

Linvisibile’s Rimadesio

A coplanar design with a concealed shutter, Rimadesio aims to create a seamless integration between furniture and walls. In addition, the Rimadesio collection features a total height solution and push-in or pull-out installation. This technology allows for a unique door installation that is completely framed in space. As a result, it is possible to create an exceptional and unique space in any home or office.